Owning intellectual property is one thing, but effectively monetizing your intellectual property rights is as important. Contractual arrangements and agreements can help to monetize as well as protect intellectual property rights.

We work with our clients to find ways to best exploit their intellectual property rights and reap monetary benefits from the same. We assist with intellectual property related assignments, licensing, franchising and distributorship arrangements.

Services we offer under Contracts


Assignment and brand acquisition

We advise our clients on all aspects of intellectual property assignments and brand acquisitions, including the negotiating and drafting stages of such transactions.

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We advise our clients on all aspects of licensing transactions involving intellectual property rights, including negotiating and drafting licensing agreements. We also assist or clients

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Franchising and Distributorship

We advise our clients on how franchise and distribution models can be structured and guide them on the intellectual property and other legal aspects of such arrangements.

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Non-disclosure agreements

We assist clients with negotiating and drafting non-disclosure agreements to protect their trade secrets, inventions, and other intellectual property.


Software licensing

We advise our clients on different software licensing structures and the intellectual property and other legal issues arising from such arrangements. We also

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