A trademark is a name, brand or logo that is used to identify the goods or services of a business or individual.

We are aware that choosing a brand or name for your business can be a challenging task. We, therefore take a holistic approach to trademark prosecution and advice our clients right from the initial stages of choosing a trademark by conducting exhaustive trademark availability searches. We also assist clients with the entire trademark registration process, right from filing a trademark application to obtaining the registration certificate.

Services we offer under Trademarks


Trademark availability search

We understand the importance of conducting an availability search prior to filing a trademark application and we therefore undertake an extensive search of the online

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Trademark application filing

Prior to filing a trademark application, we understand each client’s product or business and draft the description of goods or services to be included in the application

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Trademark application prosecution

We assist clients at every step of the prosecution of their trademark applications. This includes, responding to examination reports, attending hearings before the

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Trademark opposition

We handle trademark opposition proceedings filed by or against our clients before the Trade Marks Registry. This includes advising our clients on their options and

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Post-registration monitoring and trademark renewal

As part of our services, we keep a track of our clients’ trademarks even after they have proceeded to registration and inform our clients of any developments.

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Trademark portfolio management

We manage trademark portfolios on behalf of our clients and monitor the trademarks in the portfolio on a regular basis. We also strategize about the best way to maintain

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International trademark registration

We understand that in today’s world our clients’ businesses are often global and require trademark registrations in other parts the world. We are well-equipped and experienced

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